Most of us look at our business month to month or a couple of months ahead. That’s fine for a lot of us if we have a good pipeline of where them jobs come from. A common problem is understanding when to employ or even if we need to employ. A lot of the time we make long term decisions based on short term circumstances.

Before making any moves to take someone on we must first think about

  1. Does this make long term sense to the business
  2. Will my cost to employ result in a more money for me
  3. What’s the repercussions of taking someone new into the business

What’s the plan

The first hurdle is a common mistake, we win a big job or jobs that we can’t handle so we rush to get the labour in to pull it off. Be careful here often the time, energy & resources put into trying to find the right lads to pull off this big job or busy period can result in you not making any money. Look at employment as a long term strategy to the business. Write out a job description of what this guy will be doing day to day. What else could he be doing in slower times & could he be capable of being an important part of the business should we look to grow.

Am I making money

Often we bring tradesmen into the business to find out that they’re actually taking more out than us. You’ve hired them to get you through the busy period, there clocking up the hours & your offsetting your profit into their pocket. You’re now an employer so get your mind into the business strategy of staff. We invest in staff to grow the business, we must forecast what the staff member will cost (salary, overtime, holidays, sick etc etc) against what they will allow the business to do in terms of creating more revenue. If the financial gain increases your bottom line then it’s time to go hunting. Also never underestimate the value an employee can add in terms of freeing up your time.

What if its a [email protected] up

There are many obstacles to hiring the wrong guy or hiring at the wrong time. Our number one rule no matter how busy, was always, no prat’s allowed. If you can’t play with the other boys then out you go. This comes down to culture. What environment do you want your guys working in. A happy worker is a much more productive worker. You must also look at the skillset they offer, are they qualified to do what you need them to do without you spending your days babysitting.

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